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Roman Cetamura


179 – 170 BCE
Artisans’ Quarter
Cet. Inventory
Inv. C-13-1068

The heavy bronze coin called an as was commonly used by both Etruscans and Romans during the period of the Roman Republic and the later centuries of Etruscan civilization.  The double-faced god Janus was featured on the “heads” side and the prow of a Roman ship on the reverse.

Prov. 70N/0.17.1. Diam. 3.2. Max. Th. 0.4. Wt. 15.3g.

Bronze Republican as of the Janus/ship type.; coin of (Iuventius) Thalna, minted in Rome. Obv. head of Janus. Rev. ship’s prow, above TAL; no trace of the typical inscription ROMA below.

Dating: 179-170 BCE

Bibl: Crawford RRC 161/2

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