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Medieval Cetamura

Transcription of manuscript about Civitamura

Latin Language

Regesto di Coltibuono, ed. L. Pagliai, Rome, 1909, documento no. 319.

The Latin documents in the archive of the monastery of Coltibuono refer several times to Cetamura as Civitamura, beginning in 1066 and ending in 1135. They all refer to land transactions, revealing who some of the owners were in medieval times.

This document lists Civitamura as being among the properties donated to the Badia a Coltibuono by a certain Atio.  The document was created by a notary named Ildebrandus, and signed by Atio and three witnesses.   The content is rather formal and dry, but it does reveal that the land was owned earlier by Ugo and Feralmo and was worked by Teutio of Plan Dumule, and that the supervision of the land was under the “territory” of the pieve (rural church) of Santa Maria at Spaltinna.

Bibl.  Regesto di Coltibuono, ed. L. Pagliai, Rome, 1909, (reprint, Fiorence, 2008), 146 (document no. 319).