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Medieval Cetamura

Cooking Pan

12th century CE (?)
Zone I
Cet. Inventory

This fragment of a clay pan, almost 1 foot in diameter, was made for baking bread on a hearth.  The 3-D reproduction shows what it may have looked like when whole. The resulting flat pizza-like bread was a staple of the diet of the inhabitants of the castle.

Diam. of rim 24.  H. 4.2.  Wt. 192 g . Prov.  Zone I, 18N/27W.7.  Fragment of ceramic cooking pan, with rim, wall and base, of the type called testo,. Paste coarse, with  micaceous inclusions, with many holes where temper has popped out.

Found in Zone I in a stratum running under the west perimeter wall, providing evidence that the wall is medieval.  Examples of testo were also found as refuse in the uppermost part of Well # 1. The testo form is extremely conservative and may be found from the eighth to the fourteenth century CE.

Dating: Medieval, probably 12th century CE.

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