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Cetamura Wine Cellar

Cetamura Chianti DOCG

Badia a Coltibuono

The modern red wine called Cetamura is made from a selection of Sangiovese grapes.  The young wine is a bright ruby red color and very versatile to consume with first courses, entrees and cheese. 

The owners of the Badia a Coltibuono, of the Stucchi Prinetti family, have always warmly supported the  work of the modern “inhabitants” excavating on the site of Cetamura.  In a way, there may be a Fourth Cetamura, featuring an American-Italian crew that commits to spending a lot of daily life climbing and working on the hill.  The fact that a fine wine bears the name of the site is a source of great satisfaction. 

Naturally it is a duty of the members of the Cetamura crew to do research on the history of wine, including the modern products.

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